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Co-Chairs, Henry Masur, MD, National Institutes of Health, DHHS, Bethesda, MD, Jonathan E. Kaplan, MD, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, DHHS, Atlanta, GA, King K. Holmes, MD, PhD, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, Constance Benson, MD, University of California San Diego, CAEditors, John T.

M. Organisms of the Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC) are ubiquitous in the environment (398--400). avium is the etiologic agent in >95% of patients with AIDS who acquire disseminated MAC disease (398,401--406). Although epidemiologic associations have been identified, no environmental exposure or behavior has been consistently linked to a subsequent risk for developing MAC disease. An estimated 7%--12% of adults have been previously infected with MAC, although rates of disease vary in different geographic locations (398,402,405,406).

Improvement in fever and a decline in quantity of mycobacteria in blood or tissue can be expected within 2--4 weeks after initiation of appropriate therapy; however, for those with more extensive disease or advanced immunosuppression, clinical response might be delayed. A repeat blood culture for MAC should be obtained 4--8 weeks after initiating antimycobacterial therapy only for patients who fail to have a clinical response to their initial treatment regimen.

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bieneusi infection. bieneusi might respond to oral fumagillin (60 mg/day), a water-insoluble antibiotic made by Aspergillus fumigatus (BII) (266,267), or to its synthetic analog TNP-470 (BIII) (268). bieneusi in the absence of ART (269); however, the effect appeared to be minimal among patients with low CD4+ counts. Therefore, this drug cannot be recommended with confidence (CIII). No specific therapeutic agent is available for E. One report indicated that treatment with nitazoxanide for 60 days might resolve chronic diarrhea caused by E. A controlled clinical trial suggested that E. However, fumagillin and TNP-470 are not available for systemic use in the United States.

Repetitive intravitreous injections of fomivirsen also have been demonstrated to be effective in randomized clinical trials, but this drug is no longer available in the United States. After induction therapy, secondary prophylaxis (i.e., chronic maintenance therapy) is recommended for life (AI) (664,668,673,674,710), unless immune reconstitution occurs as a result of ART. Regimens demonstrated to be effective for chronic suppression in randomized, controlled clinical trials include parenteral ganciclovir or valganciclovir, parenteral foscarnet, combined parenteral ganciclovir and foscarnet, parenteral cidofovir, and (for retinitis only) ganciclovir administration through intraocular implant (AI).

Therefore, treatment of asymptomatic maternal CMV infection during pregnancy solely to prevent infant infection is not indicated (DIII). However, symptomatic infection in the newborn is usually related to primary CMV infection in the mother during pregnancy, and because >90% of HIV-infected pregnant women are CMV antibody positive in the majority of studies, the risk for symptomatic infection in the fetus is low (726--730). On the basis of data in HIV-uninfected women, transmission of CMV from mother to infant might occur in utero.

For patients with meningitis, relapses have occurred in 80% of patients in whom triazoles have been discontinued (645). In patients with diffuse pulmonary disease or nonmeningeal disseminated coccidioidomycosis, relapses occur even in patients without HIV infection in 25%--33% of cases (643,644). Even in patients with CD4+ counts >250 cells/L on potent ART, therapy should be continued indefinitely (AIII). On the basis of this evidence, therapy for coccidioidal meningitis should be lifelong (AII).

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Patients with chronic HBeAg-positive infection tend to have higher levels of replicating virus than those with HBeAg-negative infection (108--1010 copies/mL of blood compared with 105--106copies/mL). HBV DNA levels are usually high in chronic infection. Several tests for HBV DNA detection are available; however, the results are not interchangeable. Patients with chronic HBV infection should be tested for HBeAg, antibody to HBeAg (anti-HBe), and HBV DNA. Among HIV-uninfected adults with HBV monoinfection, high HBV DNA levels predict progression of liver disease, development of HCC, and lower responses to therapy. Laboratories report either copies/mL or International Units (IU/mL). Data characterizing the predictive value in those with HIV/HBV coinfection are lacking. The latter is based upon a WHO standard and has greater interlaboratory reproducibility.

CMV end-organ disease is best prevented using ART to maintain the CD4+ count >100 cells/L. The primary method for preventing severe CMV disease is recognizing the early manifestations of the disease. Regular funduscopic examinations performed by an ophthalmologist are recommended by certain specialists for patients with low (e.g.,

Responses, by race of the respondents, are shown along the horizontal axis. The following graph shows enthusiasm* for the potential of having a close relative marry a white person, a black person, a Hispanic person, and an Asian person. Thus among whites shows how whites feel about a close relative marrying a white (87.1), a black (20.0), a Hispanic (33.5), etc. The marital enthusiasm they have for a close relative marrying a person of each race is displayed along the vertical axis.

body modification), which aim to improve the abilities of the human body beyond what would normally be possible, be it eyesight, muscle strength, or cognition.[67] So long as these enhancements remain within a perceived norm of human behavior, a negative reaction is unlikely, but once individuals supplant normal human variety, revulsion can be expected. A similar "uncanny valley" effect could, according to the ethical-futurist writer Jamais Cascio, show up when humans begin modifying themselves with transhuman enhancements (cf.